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About Mason Diesel Service in Aurora UT

If you’ve been struggling to keep your commercial vehicle in the best shape possible, you need a diesel service you can count on to keep everything from your engine to your lights running smoothly. Mason Diesel Service has been providing diesel repair to people in Aurora, UT, for more than four decades. Whether you’re stranded and in need of emergency towing or it’s time to repair some cracked features, we’ve got you covered. We’re able to offer competitive pricing because our combination of great workmanship and quality materials makes us a leader in the diesel service industry.

Whether you need repairs done on a fleet vehicle for a large corporation or the truck you run your business from, we’ll give you our full attention and best work. We offer repairs and replacements on everything from superficial features to the deepest compartments of your engine. You can trust that we’ll work hard to make sure you’re not left waiting around without a vehicle. Under the supervision of our repair shop’s original owner since 1972, our crew works efficiently to reunite owners and their vehicles.

We’re a family owned business with a reputation for providing fast, long-lasting repairs to people throughout the Aurora area. Mason Diesel Service has staff available 24/7 to serve our customers when issues spring up at the most inconvenient of times.

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